Articles by Darcy Burnard

  1. My apologies to anyone who has been seeing multiple copies of the same posts from me. I made a mistake with the Drafts action that posts to Pelican. It should be fixed now.

  2. 📺 I was just reading that the upcoming season of the Big Bang Theory will be its last. This will make it the longest running 3 camera sitcom of all time. I still really enjoy the show, but I'm glad it's ending while that's still the case.

  3. Just got the push notification that I'm sure everyone else got, saying that third party push notifications on Twitter would soon be ending. This probably means I'll be using Twitter even less than I do already.

  4. This is a test to see if I can post from Drafts on iOS to my Pelican blog, and then subsequently to If you're seeing this, then it worked.

  5. 📺 I was just reading that HBO has ordered a series based on The Time Traveler's Wife, and they've hired Steven Moffat to do it. Given the kinds of stories Moffat did for Doctor Who, I don't think there's anyone more suited to adapt this novel. Read more about it here …

  6. 🎵 This episode of the Youtube series "What Makes This Song Great?" is fascinating. He's analyzing the song Roundabout by Yes. I'm not a musician, so don't understand everything he's talking about, but I've always loved this song, so the video is interesting despite that.

  7. So Prime day in Canada has been a bit of a disaster so far. Both the app and the web site are down. It's surprising when you realize that you're upset that you can't give Amazon more money.

  8. After hearing a lot of podcasts about it, and especially after talking to @Lioncourt, I've decided to take the plunge and try out